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Rear Shock Upper Bush Change


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Apologies if this is a really obvious...

The rubber bush on the rear shock has disintergrated. Do I just buy a new rubber, undo the bolt, slide the washer off, pull the shock off the pin, insert the rubber, slide back on pin, apply washer and nut and jobs done.

Is it that simple or will I encounter secret problems only old hands know about!

Thanks in advance

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No it isn't.

The nut often seizes on the stud. When you apply the spanner it shears off.

No I haven't. I was told when aquiring some extra ones.

May I suggest you use a nut cracker on the nut. Then take it off. At least that could save you having to change the whole bracket.

When you come to do the bottom nut. Put two nuts on. That way the threads should stay clean, especially if you've used a thread lock. Could make things easier to remove later if you have to.



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Fear of shearing the stud apart, yes it is that easy.

However, make sure you put the big washer back on the right way round - the convex side should be inwards against the shock bush. If you put it on the wrong way the top eye of the shock cannot rotate enough when the axle articulates and it snaps off.

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