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Wiring help required

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After 14 months of my truck being stripped down i am unsure on where a few wires go!

Battery cables...where does the +ve go onto my rats nest?

I presume the earth cable goes from the battery, clips onto the chassis and then do the starter motor body (where it bolts into gearbox)?

What colour wire are the....

fuel stop solenoid wire?

thermostat wire?

Oil pressure light wire?

Oh and by the way its a 200tdi defender!



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Chris - my advice is get hold of a wiring diagram to make sure the following are suggestions correct - lots of trucks have been altered and wires changed, etc. so be careful. Use a meter or test light to trace wires to be sure.

Black thick cable from battery earth (negative) to chassis earth near to engine. Earth braid from there to engine. There will be additional earth braid at back of gearbox to chassis as well.

Red thick cable from battery positive to screw terminal on starter motor/solenoid (via isolation switch if you want to fit one). The brown wires go from there to your fuse box, starter relay and come in from the altenator to same point.

Fuel stop solenoid wire is white (at least it is on mine and in the manual)

Thermostat (presume you mean water temp?) -- Green from fuse box to sender and Green/Blue from sender to water temp gauge

oil pressure - White/Brown to warning light

Pleeeeease check as this is based on my 1984 2.5NA diesel and the Haynes manual - don't forget these are 'toys' and few remain unaltered ;)

Do a Google search for Land Rover manual - there are a few copies around and about on various web sites or get a Haynes jobbie.

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Cheers guys, i have seemed to figure it all out mostly over the last couple of hours.

I have run my earth from the battery straight to the bolt which holds the starter to the bell housing, im also going to send a big earth to the chassis.

I was more concerned about the +ve side but i have sorted that as i now have ignition and am very happy to here the engine turn over for the first time in a very long time.

There is a connection block which is in the engine bay and seems to have the white wires for fuel etc, and for some reason i have found a live wire which someone has scotch locked into and put another wire from for some reason.

I cant seem to find a wire which goes to my oil pressure (connection by the oil filter) and i put this live to it (before i knew it was alive) and it went glowing red hot, so i think that may be f00ked! luckily i have a spare! What colour/where should it come from this wire?

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