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Clutch question

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Hi All,

I'm planning to swap the lump in my 2.5TD this weekend and will be doing the clutch at the same time. Having read the big book of lies it says to apply 'clutch assembly lubricant' to the main input shaft when assembling (presumably so that the friction disc can move freely on the splines?).

Can anybody suggest what this lubricant should be? - As this is a job I don't plan on doing very often it would be handy if I could just use something I already have lying around the garage.

Here's praying for a dry weekend!


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When ever I have purchased a new clutch it always contains a very small sachet of red grease to lube things up. Not sure what spec it is though.

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So why is it called copaslip grease?

If it gets hot enough for the grease to disappear - the copper particles stay on the applied surface to prevent siezure. It's usual to apply an anti-sieze grease to the spigot bearing, splined section of the shaft that locates in the friction plate centre, the splines themselves, and the thrust bearing inner sleeve and the part of the gearbox that the thrust bearing slides on.

In the haynes manual (which is not necessarily a good recommendation :P ), it says to use high melting point grease. You used to get a little sachet of grease in with a new kit, and at one time it was clearly copaslip, nowadays it's a fairly runny red gloop. If you were to be really picky about the right greases to use in a clutch mechanism, then I suppose an HM grease on the splines and bearing slide, but copaslip on the spigot bearing.

I just use copaslip everywhere - 'cos I'm lazy :lol:

These grubby off-roaders wash it off in a matter of weeks anyway, with all the crud that gets in there. :ph34r:

Les. :)

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