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300tdi Electronic FIP control?


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Have been asked to help out on identifying a 300tdi to fit into a def. from some of the photos i have just received of the FIP i notice a little black box above the arm for the throttle control.

Is this an electronically controlled throttle or is it mechanically controlled but the black box on top senses the lever position then adjusts fuel, or is it a std mechical system like early 300tdi and all 200tdis?

In other words can this setup be linked staight to the exisitng throttle linkage and run without any electronics.

i have a feeling this might be one of the later electronic 300tdis, but then it could be something to do with EGR - just cant remember.

Sorry dont have the engine number to hand

Nay help greatly appreciated.



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Jon, Steve

many thanks for the help.

good news that i was trying to remember what the one on my old G reg 300tdi was but it escaped me, eventually found some pics at home so all double confirmed.

It will be removed prior to fitting! or ignored anyway, along with the EGR blanked off and the top pipe changed for a straight through one.

thank you for the confirmation.

mind now at rest

well sort of

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