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SWB tyres

Exmoor Beast

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short answer, yes but they might pop off, thats not very helpful was it :unsure:

Why would they pop off?

If anything, running a tyre on a rim that is slightly too narrow is better offroad, as the rim is protected from rocks and the tyre holds on the bead better.

for example. I run 285/75-16s on 7" wide disco rims (narrower than reccommended). I run the tyres at 8-9 psi offroad (often on rocks), and have never had one pop off the bead.

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so crudely speaking 225 being 95mm more than 135 (5.5"ish) is better than 285 on 175mm rims which is 110mm over.

Am I any the wiser? errr.....

Will :huh:

The best idea is to look at the manufacturers minimum rim widths:


This is pretty typical - note it gives a minimum, reccommended, and maximum.

1/2" narrower that the reccommended is usually fine. I would not go more than that. SWB rims are 5" aren't they?

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right found out eventually, I need 6" rims at least.

I am pretty sure SWB rims are 5.5" as you said Tonk...

better check....

Will :)

As above - I am pretty sure SWB rims are 5", LWB are 5.5". Rangie steels are 6", disco steels are 7".

225s would be fine on 5.5" wide LWB rims.

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will 225/75x16s fit standard Series three SWB rims?

Will :)

Hi Will,

Minimum recommended rim width for those tyres is 6 inches. Original SWB rims are only 5 inches wide. LWB rims are 5.5 inches wide.

You may get away with them on LWB rims. Many owners have 235 width tyres on LWB 5.5 inch rims with no poblem.

Regards, Diff

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