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Common D2 Fault?


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Just for information...... It seems that the early TD5's have an inherent problem with the injector wiring harness.

I relay this story from my LR mechanic replacing mine! (and several others, so he says!!)

The Disco suddenly lost power and felt like it was firing on 3 or 4 cylinders, this did not improve with acceleration but could eventually get up to speed, it just ran like a total bag of spanners! At tick over it was lumpy, and my first thoughts were a blocked injector.

It turns out that the early D2's injection wiring harness is prone to filling with oil (it runs through the rocker cover?), and then the oil finds it way into the ECU slab! :blink:

One new harness and cleaned out ECU, Perfect!

I dont know if this is that common or indeed if is there is a fix prior to the £150 bill, but maybe something to consider if it happens to you!

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All Td5s in anything do, even later ones, whatever Land Rover say about the fault only affecting early vehicles. Usually only need to change the injector harness inside the engine which is about £40 plus labour, I have seen plenty as well!

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i've heard if you leave this fault long enough the oil gets into the ECU as well making it a little bit more expensive.

I think it can but it has to be really bad. Usually if you disconnect the ECU and wash out both sides of the harness thoroughly with electrical contact cleaner spray, blow out with compressed air and reconnect, then it will be OK.

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