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suspension bushes


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im fitting gwyn lewis's challange suspension , in the coming weeks , but plan on changing the suspension bushes at the same time .

does any kind sole know the lr part numbers (and correct names) for the following please

front radius arm bushes (both axel and chassis side)

rear trailing arms bushes , (chassis side only)

'A' frame to bracket bushes

any any others you think may require a look at

its a 1994 300tdi 90 by the way



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Guest diesel_jim

The 4 round radius arm to axle bushes: NTC6781 "Bush, front suspension radius arm"

radius arm to chassis ones: NRC4514 "bush"

panhard rod ones: ANR3410 "bush,panhard rod"

trailing arm to axle: NTC1772 "bush-rear-lower arm rear suspension"

triangle type trailing arm to chassis: NTC9027 "mounting-lower link flexible rubber"

A frame ball joint: ANR1799 "joint-rear suspension upper link ball"

A frame arms to chassis: NTC1773 "bush,rear suspension upper link"



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front radius arm bushes --axle end--To (V) KA 930455--ntc7307 or from (V) LA 930456--ntc6781

------------------------------chassis end--To (V) VA 130784--nrc4514 or From (V) VA 130785--anr6971

rear trailing arms bushes , (chassis side only) to (V) JA 910736--stc618 or From (V) JA 910737--ntc9027

'A' frame to bracket bushes ntc1773

:D hope that helps :D

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