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Series III Bonnet Tyre Traps


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Got a new bonnet strap for my SIII 109, unlike what I would expect where you pull it through and a spring latched anti-return clamp stops the strap going back until you press the release, this is a "feed and lace" type which you then possibly flick-over to finish the retention.

Anybody got an explanation how to thread these things, I'll see if I can get a picture of it, at work at present :rolleyes:

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Fecking thing, totally different to anything I have seen:



Problem is, I finally got it to lock and seem to hold the tension:


But a couple of pings on the lead as per if it was going heavy off road and the thing pops open:


Is there a way of threading this thing that I am missing as I have tried about five other routes and they wont hold closed :angry: Could be resorting to a ty-wrap to hold it closed :(

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This is from memory of about 10 years ago but here we go.

1:In pic 3 the buckle part is the wrong way up so swap the 2 straps at the bonnet side for side.

2:With the buckle laying flat like it is shown in pic 3, bring the other strap underneath & back thro the buckle, then dive it down to the underneath between the hinge & the first bar beyond the hinge on the Y strap side.

To tension flick buckle up, pull tail strap & flatten out buckle till the detents click in.

If you look in pic 3 you can see that the tension is trying to open the buckle as you have it threaded.

Hope this helps.

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