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DIFF erent.

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can someone give me a clue as to what differentials i have as i am almost at a loss.

part numbers on the casing are front HRC1124 rear HRC2604. i believe they are out of a 110, post '95. ex millitary HS "wolf". i bought them complete on the understanding that they were 4-pin. can anyone clarify this for me. many thanks, si

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The casting numbers are nothing to do with part numbers, I don't know why they even put them on as they just confuse the situation, much the same as the "part number" stamped into exhaust silencers which isn't the actual part number!

If they really are Wolf ones they may well be 4 pin but I would say more likely to be standard 2 pin ones as I don't suppose Wolf ones are common. Not sure if the wolf front was 2 or 4 pin though.

Do you have them out of an axle at the moment? if so post some pics up and we can soon figure out what they are

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Don't know, maybe they are. The rear is a 4 pin same as in the latest civilian spec 110s, from the 4.6 Range Rover, but I don't know if the front is the 4 pin unit as fitted to some of the old V8 90s, maybe it is. I could do with a couple, judging by the noises my back diff in my 90 makes now, I can hear the planetaries talking to each other :angry:

A couple of photos will soon tell the difference as they are easy to identify when out of the axle, the centres are completely different.

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