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Oil pressure switches


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A stupid problem.

Land Rover 300Tdi oil pressure switches are rubbish. I am now on (I think) the 4th one under warranty, in a bit over a year of owning this 90, and I know of a lot of others that have failed as well - they just don't last any time. I had one fitted a few days before Christmas when the old one packed up, then a replacement fitted in about the second week of January, and now that is starting to play up!

So - there are gauges and stuff available but I don't really want to do that I just want a warning light that actually works - can you actually buy a pressure switch, same fitting as the original Genuine one and just to drive the oil light (just makes a connection to earth I think), which actually bluddy works for more than 5 minutes or after the first time you go through some deep water? :angry:

It isn't a new problem - the old V8 went through about four in the time I had it though those used to leak all the time, which I regarded as a good sign because it meant the V8 had plenty of oil pressure :D - but this is getting ridiculous :angry: it doesn't seem like a thing that should be difficult to design so it actually works :angry:

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Take one into a motor factors and find a different one with the same thread. I ended up with a Toyota one on the V8.

Real Steel sell switches that come on at higher pressure (so you get an earlier warning) for the V8, they may fit the 200TDi as it was assembled from the parts bin.

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