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2 questions

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1. if the speedo is in km's, then is the odometer in km's aswell? may seem a stupid question but ive only just thought about it!if so it makes a big difference!

2. might be better placed in the military forum, but whilst thinking about changing my lighting from military lucas switch, and looking art wiring diagrams, my friend said that the convo lights stop more then just the lights-cant remember what he said, and said i would have to be careful that i didnt do it wrong and bugger it up. does this make any sense to anyone, and has anyone converted it before. i was confident on my wiring plan, but now im somewhat sceptical!

many thanks


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Kph speedo is all in k's. Mph all in miles.

The extra feature of the convoy switch just gives you the options to run just the rear diff light, diff light and side lights or just side lights.

Providing you know which wires go where replacing it is straightforward enough.

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cheers-but thats actually a thread of a question i asked!

meh, it'll be fine-i think he just made me think it wasnt right when i know it is!

if it works, ill post a thread with a diagram and everything on here!

cheers all-just got to wait for wire, etc then i can go bananas!

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