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Internal Roll Cage

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After seeing several photos of rolled-over defenders I am looking for a way to improve the safety of the passengers in my 110. An internal roll-cage with B- and C-hoops seems like the best option for me.

Here in Norway, an external roll cage is not allowed due to EU-regulations, even though Norway is not part of EU :blink: Internal is not allowed either, but if it can help improving safety of passengers I will just have to live with that.

I have looked at cages from two different suppliers:





My main consern is how close the above solutions will be to the passengers in the 2 row in an accident. No help in a cage if the passengers die from head injuries hitting the cage, but the cage is fine after an accident.

In Norway, most defenders are registrated as commersial vehicles with only two front seats, and a "dog guard" grid behind the front seats. I have only seen defenders with 2 row seats a few times, and are unsure of the space available when an internal cage is installed.

Anyone have experience with internal cages in a 110? Photos would also be great.

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I have the Safety Devices internal roll cage as pictured.

I have used some foam cladding on the forward bar, I am tall and my seat is raised 2.5cm from standard, so the forward bar is above my head in the driving position that suites me.

The side bars might present a problem as the vehicle rolls the rear passenger could fall on to the side bars, however their seat belt should prevent this with the lap section holding them to the seat.

A tall person might bang their head on the side bar in a roll.

There are companies that specialize in roll bar protective cladding, alternatively the insulation used on plumbing systems might offer a degree of protection, but from a health and safety stance would be considered not fit for purpose.


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I was nosing around the OEC website the other day and came across this article...

Installing a cage to a 110 double cab

It's not exactly the same as your application, but there are pictures of how the internal B-hoop is mounted and how it looks finished...

WRT the side bars, I would provide some serious padding. Having been involved in a side-on collision, my head took a hell of a bang against the top of the door frame in my Discovery. Seatbelts do help in front-rear shunts, but they lack slightly in side-side ones. In the case of a roll, you may well be held in the seat by the lap section of the belt, but your head can still wobble around from side to side...

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Thank you for your replies.

I have discussed with PPCages about the design, and they can make the cage as I want and have offered some good advise. I might drop the side bars between the B- and C-hoop if I am not comfortable with them. Also thinking about adding an removable diagonal and dog guard in the C-hoop.

Strangely there are not a lot of pictures of the 2. row seats in Defenders on the net :P:rolleyes: I believe I will have to stop the next one I see and jump in and have a look.


Is your seat further back than an original seat? I have my seat as far back as it goes, and it is similar to the seat position in the picture from SafetyDevices. The SafetyDevice B-hoop looks okay from what I have seen for the front passengers. In case of an side collision you are likely to hit your head in the B-bar as well, shouldnt be much differense.

Alantd; The seat at the PPCage pictures does not seem to be in the rear position. I agree that it looks like a neater solution.

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My front seats are raised by a MudStuff bar, which allows the seats to slide past the raised lip on the back of the seat box.

Looking at the P&P set-up the C post has a bracket to the frame near the top, but not the SD version.

I imagine this makes it very rigid.

I noticed after fitting my SD cage that the whole vehicle appeared much stiffer. I was very pleased with the general feel on the road.


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