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Headlamp Washers


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They do, but only once every 3 goes of the screen washers - it's controlled by the 'multi-function-unit' It would be easy enough to wire them in to a seperate switch though so they were independant as I doubt you've got the wiring/connectors present already as its too early a truck.

I had them fitted to my '96 XS. I say had as I've took them off - not much cop at actually cleaning the lights especially during winter where the heat of the lense dries the salty crud as soon as it hits and nothing short of a scourer is shifting it - if anything, on the m/way the washers made things worse! Then the jets break off at the drop of a hat. The anti-syphon valves stop working and the contents of the washer bottle ends up on the drive/car-park in about 5 minutes. Then there's the fact that during my old weekend commute from Oxford to Glasgow (370ish Miles), I would have to fill the washer brim full before leaving and would need to fill it again before I reached the M74 - the lamp washers use that much water!

I've not missed them in the 2 years they've been off.

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How difficult would it be to retro fit headlamp washers to my 92 Disco, I have seen one with them in a local scrapyard?

I assume they come on with the windscreen washer?


i am sure i read somewhere in the manual that you need the headlights on - mine have never worked and i have lived with it.

good job not part of MOT.


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