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Exhaust gaskets


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I need some gaskets to go between the manifolds (LR101) and the down-pipes (custom)

They need to look something like this


The internal diameter need to be 2"/51mm

Ideally the bolt centers are ~72mm, but I've got a Dremmel, so that isn't a critical dimension :lol:

Anyone got a mail-order source for such a thing ?

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ID being 2", sounds like your aiming at exhuast pipe intermediate gasket sizes here, as the RV8 4.6 used tubular manifolds where they rectangular up the top or round, can find out at work tomorrow when I talk to my boss who's got a 4.6

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ATS in Eastleigh if you can get first thing on Sat there is a guy that works there that may be able to help (he has the S111) he always does Ali's and mine issues. In Brokvail Ind estate there is a exhaust wholesaler that may be able to help.

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