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wolf insulation


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evening all!

ive just seen this on fleabay and i am considering purchasing it, but before i do, has anyone got any experience of fitting it to a 110 hardtop?

ive tried adjusting my heater cables but i think the fan is on its last legs ( poor air flow) ! so i thought some insulation would help a bit :)

any advice appreciated, thanks in advance

link - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/wolf-short-long-whee...%3A1|240%3A1318

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They are not insulation kits. I think they are for when the Radios are fitted and are meant to protect the crew fron radiation on the antennas i think.

yes they are for radiation hazard protection.

Didnt stop me fitting the front part to my soft top 90though.

its certainly warmer and quieter now!

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thanks for the replys :rolleyes:

how hard are they to fit ? i mean will i be there all day cursing or will it be relatively easy - well in landrover terms ! ha !

thanks once again guys :rolleyes:

a bit of double sided tape and a big pair of scissors will sort it out.

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They use a combination of sticky-back velcro, bolts and cable ties to fit originally, but I dont know if you are getting the fitting kit as well.........

It can be a bit of a pain in the WOLF due to BOWMAN racking and roll hoops etc, but in a normal deafener it's not that big a job - hardest bit would be getting it stay put on the roof I reckon - especially if you've not got the proper fitting kit.....

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