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v8 front cover

V8 90 JON

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advice please... i want to fit a serpentine type front cover in place of my 3.9 type cover

firstly cos i dont need the dizzy and secondly for the high output oil pump...so

i dont want the serpentine belt set up so will the v belt bits water pump alternator ect line up on the newer cover???????

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Just to add info

Jon HAS a longer crank a la 4.6 serpentine, and has a 3.9 NON serp cover and a spacer on the end of the crank, so

he has the right crank to fit a serp front end.

I had a chat with him today, from memory (which is always iffy for me :P ) I don't think you can mix and match front ends

alternators water pumps crank pulley etc, I THINK its all of one or all of the other, but am unsure as to 100% ???

Thought the ^^^ May help with others replies ?


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