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CS130D Alternator parts or repairers

Dave W

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I'm using a GM (It's actually a Delco unit) CS130D alternator and always carry a spare. I used the spare on the last comp when the original overheated due to mud build up inside. The front bearing has also got a lot of play in it. Other than a front bearing there seems to be very little wrong with it although I need to establish if the voltage drop was down to the safety cutout or the regulator failing.

I know in the US there are a few places that will rebuild these alternators and supply spares for them but wondering if anyone knows of a possible UK source ?

I've got a manual for the alternator that lists part numbers and shows you how to replace the main parts so might have a go at it myself. All the local "autoelectricians" claim it's not worth rebuilding and want to sell me a new one for a few hundred quid !

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After stripping the alternator down it turned out the rear bearing was seized solid and also didn't want to move off the rotor. It needed a new regulator, brush holder and rear bearing. I took it over to Wood Autos today and they had a look at the mortal remains and pronounced it beyond economical repair because they have brand new ones in stock for just over 60 quid plus the dreaded.

For anyone else running a GM fitting CS130D alternator the actual part number at Woods is ALT1402 and they have them in stock along with all the spares :)


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