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Foam question

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Is there on online shop that provides reasonable density foam for sealing things?

I am ready to fit my brake/clutch and throttle pedals back on my (bling bling galvanised and painted Zambesi Silver :D ) bulkhead and need to replace the foam seal that is sandwiched between the metals.

I know I could probably go to the dealer and pay for the privelege but wanted to know if there was a more abundant reasonable cost alternative?


G :D

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The proper gasket is only a couple of quid, can't remember how much my last one was but it was cheap enough to stop me using window sealant! Try paddocks or somewhere.

mmm couple a quid eh? :rolleyes:

I usually get quite a few items from the dealership as the quality is usually better and not that much more expensive and like you say eighpot wasnt expecting to be too dear.

Phoned the dealership this morning:

Clutch Foam Gasket : £11.16

Brake Foam Gasket : £12.13

Fan Sealing Foam Gasket thing to bulkhead : £13.49

including VAT all in nearly £40! :o

I am definately still looking for alternatives.....

Im not a tight wad but I have the rest of the 90 project to complete and it will be quicker and cheaper to be able to make my own.


G :)

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Think of how good you'd feel putting all that much needed cash back into British industry though :rolleyes:

I'm sure if you get britpart ones from paddocks etc they will be a more realistic price - I bought a set and I'm a hardened tightwad, so it can't have been that much :P

And even britpart cant get a piece of foam wrong - can they... :unsure:

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