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Td5 fuel diagram


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I discovered the other day that there is a small diesel leak on my 2004 Td5 110. It seems to be leaking onto the front propshaft and then onto the floor - certainly right at the rear of the engine if not the bulkhead area. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing my vexation? Does anyone have a diagram of the fuel system on a 2004 110 which might help me isolate the source of the leak?



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Thanks Steve. Emailed would be fine, or posted here for the benefit of all.

I have heard about fuel regulators leaking but for some reason I thought that they changed them on later models... If it is the fuel regulator then I suppose it will pull the local LR dealer out of recession. :(



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here's the regulator..


and text..

The fuel pressure regulator is located in a cast alloy housing which is attached to the rear right hand corner of the

cylinder head with three flanged bolts and sealed with a metal gasket. Two ports in the housing connect with ports

in the cylinder head for fuel pressure feed and return. A gauze filter is located in the pressure feed port in the

cylinder head, and filters the fuel before it reaches the injectors. The filter is a fit for life item but can be changed if

required. An ’O’ ring is located in a recess in the cylinder head and provides additional sealing for the pressure

feed port between the gauze filter, the cylinder head, and the housing.

A union and pipe is attached to the feed port in the housing and connects with a quick release coupling to the fuel

pressure feed pipe from the fuel pump. A second union and hose is located in the return port and provides the fuel

return connection to the fuel cooler. A third port provides location for the fuel temperature sensor, which is sealed

to the housing with a bonded seal. The fuel temperature sensor is used by the ECM for engine management.

The fuel pressure regulator is located in a machined port in the lower part of the housing. The regulator is sealed

in the housing with two ’O’ rings and secured with an internal clip.

The regulator maintains the fuel pump delivery pressure at 4 bar (58 lbf.in 2 ). When the fuel pressure exceeds 4

bar (58 lbf.in 2 ), the regulator opens and allows fuel to return to the fuel tank via the fuel cooler. The fuel returned

from the regulator is directed back into the fuel filter before being drawn by the high pressure stage of the fuel

pump and directed back to the injectors. A special tool can be attached to the regulator housing fuel feed port and

allows for the fitment of a suitable gauge to measure fuel pump delivery pressure.

here's repair section for regulator..



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here's the regulator..


So, looking at the exploded diagram above, the potential points for leakage are the O-rings, fuel connections or the gasket. Has anyone tried getting away with replacement of the O-rings and gasket rather than replacing the whole thing at £90 odd?



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