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Anyone else watch overhauling avidly like i do? for those that haven't partaken, it's a great little show about how to properly renovate a car quickly. All the designs are by Chip Foose who is to be honest a go.

So it got me thinking- over there it seems abosluetly dirt cheap to get things done compared to here. So i was thinking about the feasibility of getting a car shipped to the US on a temporary import and finding someone that can re-engine (wiht some crazy V8), rebuild, renovate, and generally improve. Is this a totally stupid idea? i reckon for the £500 it would cost and a temporary import, you could get pretty much everything done for a great price

yes this is another crazy idea of mine. one day some of them'll work!

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I assure you - it's not as cheap this side of the pond as you may be have been led to believe. Add on @ 1000 quid for shipping back and forth, the inestimable hassle of dealing with officialdom, and the likelihood that it will taken longer, cots more and turn out not quite as well as you would have liked and....

If you like Foose's work (and I do - love the show as well) why not buy something already done over this side. Shipping is one way. It ends up LHD, which is a shag, but adds to the novelty value ? There is still good value to be had on well restored early 70's muscle provided you stay away from the blue blood 'Cudas and anything with a Hemi in it. A Road Runner clone or even a 'Cuda clone with a 340 in it would be extremely tasty in the UK and nobody would know or scare that it's a clone.

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