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get over the gap


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as a beginner and in a pretty standard old 90 i travelled the gap road in wales this saturday night gone at 12 pm .

i believe i was the second in the first group accross from the brecon side.

it was great and quite a bit different than going by day,no real problems were encountered.

we met a few going in the other direction who were also burning the midnight oil.

i just wanted to say thanks to the people with me and the people we passed and there was a great sense of being part of something and a thrill that did not require any alcohol.

long may we be able to do this sort of activity

see you there agian

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I've spent many an enjoyable night driving over that lane, much more interesting in the night, especially when the steps are covered in ice and snow :rolleyes:

Glad to see the Gap still being used whilst it can.

Any pics ?

Was that the Night we had a BBQ in the woods before driving it. Then I was first down the steps in the Green Range rover in sheet ice after everyone said we couldn't go as it was too snowy/iccy. Was a good nights lanning!

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