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Brake fittings help please


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Hello everyone.

Can some help me locate what brake firrings I need, the male compression type - imperial fittings.

I have the smaller type but not the larger one.

I really, really need them now as I'm short of these )

Thanks in advance


Oh and it's a series 3 with the split braking system.

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Most good motor factors have a selection that should give you what you need. Bring down the old one and show it to the oldest guy behind the counter.

Alterntatively bring the fitting it's going into (or an old one) and trial fit beforehand.

There is a range called "factor pak" that have every fitting for a LR in a blister pack.

Problem is that some Series have a mix of imperial and metric, especially if built in the 1980's so you kind of end up buying both.

I can't recall the actual fitting size as I put mine into a box as soon as I get them (so that I can lose all of them in one go!!).

But for some reason 9/16ths is wandering around my memory.

EDIT : it might be 3/8 unf 24 tpi



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If imperial the common size is 3/8"UNF for 3/16"od pipe with a few 7/16"UNF for 3/16"pipe when dual circuit.

If metric the common size is M10 x 1mm for 3/16"od pipe with a few M12 x 1mm for 3/16"pipe when dual circuit.

Thanks for that, very timely, I have bought a new single line brake master cylinder as part of my brake rebuild and the pipe union on the master cylinder itself is bigger than all my 10mm and 3/8th unions and I was wondering what it was.

Time to get some bolts out to see if it is imperial or metric I think.

Anyone know where I can get the bigger unions from?

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