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Another Overdrive question!!!

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Hi, The overdrive is off the vehicle to change the seals and orange bearing on the mounting plate after the oil sucking problem i posted about recently.

It had also been weeping oil from one of the two gaskets either side of the black ring that sits half way down the body. I have borrowed this picture below from one of sean101s posts:


The red line encirles three bits i cannot seperate, the yellow arrows show the gaskets either side of the black metal ring. I have removed the back cover and pistons and the circlip that holds the mainshaft in the oil pump cam. I have also removed the circlip at the forward end of the mainshaft. It simply won't pull apart and i don't want to force it and break it!! I need to remove the bit arrowed in green in order to removethe black metal ring and change both the gaskets i was trying to get to. It was only weeping a tiny bit of oil from these gaskets and i wish i'd left it alone now! It was off the vehicle to change the oil seals between the mounting plate and transfer box and i thought i'd do this job at the same time.

I just can't see what else to remove other than two rather inaccessible circlips inside the main body of the OD. These can be seen after removing the bottome (square) plate.

Any advice appreciated - its not going anywhere like this!!

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maybe worth talking to Devon4x4 as the acquired the spares & info from GKN, when GKN decided to cease production.

I phoned them this morning. They have just got back to me. I haven't removed the oil pump and apparently i need to as their is another circlip behind it. I just can't see how the oil pump comes out. Glad i resisted just hitting it with a hammer in case it was stiff!!

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have tried rotating the parts while pulling apart, thinking there maybe a master keyway or something that needs to be aligned before it'll seperate.

& no I'm not going to strip mine to find out :lol:

I've rotated, i've pulled, i've pushed one bit while rotating another and pulling a third. I've sworn a lot and thrown things (not the OD yet around the garage)!!! But as yet without success. I also smell of EP90 that had leaked into the OD and is now all over me! Devon emailed me to say remove the oil pump but didn;t tell me how - am waiting for their reply to that question...

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Doh, maybe a slight ovesight there.

Just re-read their email - It was my oversight - they actually said remove the cam - i couldn't get it out last night. But i wiggled some more and then a bit more and used a magnet to pull it out and finally it did. Revealed the last circlip which i removed and now the thing is in peices ready to put back together and on the landy tommorow. No doubt there will be a saga with that and i'll be back on here then venting my frustration again!

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