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Bleeding Brakes

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I am having little luck bleeding my brakes.

I have converted the fronts to Vented discs, with brand new callipers.

The fronts have bleb OK, but the rears seem to just be just froth with lots of big bubbles. I have gone through about 5lts of fluid. I have also noticed there is bubbles in the master cyl, when pressing the pedel.

It was ment to go for it MOT today, any Ideas cheers

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Hi Baz,

May be a little obvious but can you be absolutely sure that the master cylinder reservoir has been kept topped up while you've been bleeding the back ones?

Otherwise maybe a faulty/leaking master cylinder drawing air back in from somewhere?

Are you just doing it manually, IE 2 man job - pumping the pedal and letting off the bleed nipple under pressure?

Have you tried an Eezibleed type system for example -


I've used one before and it makes it a lot easier, specially if your trying to do it on your own.

Sorry to be a little vague but it's all I can think of.

Good luck


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It is easier if you take it to a man with a vacuum system if you are struggling

I thought it was an easy job but it actually can go wrong really easily

I heard the vacuum system used about 5 litres of fluid as standard if your brakes are full of air

I certainly won't try to change my own rear cylinders again after the hours of mess and worry I went throught trying to rectify my bad bleeding.

I was told if the bleeding goes well it is done in 10 seconds with no mess, but if it goes badly it can take all day and a lot of mess!!

My advice it take it to a nationwide as some places won't even touch your brakes if you started the job yourself or they will expect to strip and redo the job themselves entirely. Insurance problems!

I am sure others will say it is easier than I describe but I failed so I am not too enthusistic about bleeding anymore.


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