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td5 rear klonk

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You can check for wear in the ball joint/bushes with a pry bar or large tyre lever, pop the rubber caps off the drive flanges and watch them while somebody rocks the vehicle back and forth against the handbrake, and you can get some idea of diff backlash by parking the vehicle, chocking the wheels and crawling under with the handbrake off and see how much movement there is in the diff pinion.

I'd guess at the ball joint and/or bushes though.

Oh also check the rear propshaft nuts at the transfer box end as they have a habit of coming loose on later vehicles, I've seen this on a few vehicles including my own, a rather irritating clonkiness on gearchanges at about 8000 miles was traced to being able to put over 1 turn on the prop nuts which was a bit worrying.

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My Td5 2002 had similar clunkyness.

It was drive shafts/flanges.

I jacked up rear of vehicle, and then marked how much wheel movement on OS wheel before NS wheel started to rotate the other way. At outer egde of tyre it was over 60mm.

Go OEM replacement shafts and flanges from main dealer (Britpart) was very cheap and easy fix.

Also did front axcle as same amount of movement (BTW this went down to 12mm after both sides changed.

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