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Average lifetimes


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So that would put a lot of the 200TDi units into being due for injector pump work wouldn't it?

As for the 250,000 miles for the turbocharger, an awful lot must be swallowing unhealthy bits given the amount that appear to fail long before that magic number. :huh:

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I think it depends on a lot of factors...

Regular oil changes and good turbo care (ie not dunking it in freezing water) will certainly help to extend its life, there are other things that can kill turbos, not just swallowing debris...

Injector pump is similar really, using a good quality fuel filter and changing it regularly will help, as will avoiding carp quality fuel...

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What are the average/approx lifetimes of the injection pump and turbocharger on the TDi engines?

This is one of those "How long is a bit of string" questions really, it all depends so much on how well the vehicle has been maintained - or neglected / abused.

(EDIT; As "freeagent" above!)

In any case that would also apply to the rest of the engine and indeed the whole of the car

I don't know about the 200TDi specifically, but the turbo on my Td5 Deafener literally fell apart after about 45'000 or so when the shaft connecting the impeller to the compressor wore right through in the centre, but that was due to badly contaminated oil that I neglected to change immediately after the vacuum pump went into self destruct. Unfortunately the engine sounds like a bag of spanners now and needs major overhaul or replacing.

The above lesson was instrumental in leading me to re-think my previous maintenance philosophy of "Don't fix it till it's broke" :angry::blush:

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