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Hankook TR03


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Have seen these on www.camskill.co.uk and was wondering if they are any good as a budget version of the BFG MT?

They are around £40 cheaper each so they are quite tempting.

There are a few threads on them but nothing too conclusive as to what they are like. Need them for wet rutted tracks where my GY wranglers are no longer cutting it.

cheers, James

edit: RT03 :rolleyes:

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The old RT01 Hankooks were quite well thought of here, but I never ordered and sold the RT03 when they came out because I just didn't really like the look of them. Would be interesting to know of any experiences with them good or bad. My first impression was the tread was a lot closer than a traditional MT so more likely to clog up and probably more like an aggressive AT but I suppose that might fit what you want depends on what the requirement is.

See also previous thread here http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=24436

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Well I have had a snoop around on other forums and cant really find much bad said about them - apart from one guy who used them for trialling and couldn't get on with them.

Might treat myself to some and see how I get on with them!

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Had them on my 90 for about 1 year now.

To be quite honest...................... they are bloody awesome :D

I have used them in everything, thick mud, rock crawling, snow, on the road, etc. and they seem to just GRIP!

really quiet on the road, I did have a set of road biased tyres for all the motorway driving I was doing when I bought them, but they were so quiet and had such good road manners in all conditions, that I sold the other tyres and just run on these now and they are wearing very well too.

I rate these tyres very highly and actually think they are better than the BFG's, they are a very versatile tyre, ok you might not get quite the mileage out of them that I have heard you can get out of the BFG's but at £40 less a corner, that to me makes good sense.

I would say BUY them!

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i can only compare them to insa turbo sahara/greenway machos/yokohama geolandar kinda tread but they do seem to be a very good all round tyre, work well in sand. Very little road noise from them to

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