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Towing with a v8 efi


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Hello all. I've just towed my 14 foot caravan to work in Kent. I made it okay but it did heat up a lot. Had 2 use the heater 2 keep it cool. Is that to be expected from a v8 auto? :o

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I towed the same caravan to Wales 2 years ago and to Leeds last year with my 300tdi manual no problem. The rad looks fine, thermostat is new good quality one and the fan is working. On the flat doing around 60 it's fine but around 50mph or going up hill the temp climbs quickly. I put the heater on before it gets too hot as I dont really want to see how hot it's going to get. With the heater on it goes back down to slightly over half way. Without the caravan the temp gauge never moves above half way even if I give it some welly.

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Rads can look fine but be absolutely shot - to actually check it you need to remove the cowling and confirm that all the fins are still there on both front & back and that you can see daylight through it all the way across. The favourite is that the front row of fins look dandy and the rest are blocked, rotten, or missing entirely.

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