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transfer box ratios.


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hi chaps..

iv been doing abit of digging about on the tinternet about the ratios off the input gear, inermeadiat gear and center diff in a lt230 transfer box.

at preasent i have a 1:222 tranny box on my defender and i have all 3 of the internals of a 1:410 box.. now if i was to change the 1:222 input gear and intermeadiat gear with the 1:410 input and intermeadiat gear.. would that box be back to 1:410 or is there more to that box then just that? will i have to change the center diff too?

if you dont get my drift.. do i have to change all 3? or can i change just the input and intermeadiat?

your help would be great!!

cheers sam

P.S haha who put "mind that tree!" under my picture.. good one... lol come on own up <_<:P

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Hi Badger, the center diff should be interchangeable between all LT230s as IIRC the bearings at the front of the diff are the same on all variants as is the splined section at the rear of the diff (which transmits drive from the lower gears).

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