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old man emu vs fox coilovers

dave g

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right i had the full gywn lewis kit on my od truck and have seen alot of trucks runing fox coilover and was woundering wether or not they are any good for a challenge truck

would it be possible for anyone to give me the pros and cons for fitting coilover as i know gywns kit is worth ever penny just wan to get the best i can out of he new build cheers dave

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mmm totally different in my mind OME's are for off roading and winch challenging and Fox are for racing and alot better and in a different league to OME. But there again you might find the price is too :)

Don't get me wrong OME are good and i have them on both my 90 and 110, and used them in past competion and l love them, and recomend them . But this is for off roading and the tracks here in Aus . Where you are doing 100kph on corrugated tracks. But if i was going to race ( and i mean real racing and not winch challenging ) then i would never use OME and i would put on Fox (as Jules has on his racer) or Ohlins or Reiger . But then with these you are talking a grand a corner for shocks :) . You get what you pay for :)

To sum up i think you are better of with OME for winch trucks as the fox are just over kill

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Ali, fox isn't quite a grand (in sterling) a corner but you won't see much in the way of change from a grand an end once you've included springs and bumpstops!

Dave, the problem here is that you're comparing apples with pears. Gwyn's OME kit is a good off the shelf kit that will work well at low speed and adequately at moderate speed. Fox are just shocks or coil overs that need mounting (so you'll have to design a suspension system and mounts). Coil overs also allow you to fine tune spring rates to a much greater extent. You will also have multiple rates. You then set up the valving in the dampers to set bump and rebound to suit the vehicle weight, spring rates and intended use. They can be made to outperform pretty much any off the shelf kit at low speed and will wipe the floor at high speed. However, they will be biased towards a certain speed depending on the type of shock body chosen (diameter, rem res or not and whether they have bypasses) and the springs you fit. Set up properly the truck will not rock and pitch. Also, the shocks won't overheat and fade.

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i think the discussion is less fox vs OME but coilovers against standard setup. i am in the process of converting to coilovers and find that it has many advantages compared to the standard setup. coilover springs are available in all lenghts and rates at very fair prices (i paid 60 a piece for my eibachs) and when using 2 springs on top of each other one can realize a truly progressive setup. furthermore coil overs solve all the issues with springs leaving their seats and bending sidewards in articulation. furthermore one can adjust ride height and sag quite easily.

if you look at the various coil over shocks available you'll find setups that don't necessarily come much more expensive than a good standard setup. one fox 2.0 coilover 7/8 shaft is about 300 sterling + 120 for two springs, not too bad for a very good setup. if one is prepared to pay just over 1000 sterling a corner then you get one coilover + one external bypass a corner which is pretty much as high end as you can go.

the major difference between standard and coil overs is that fitting involve quite a lot of fab work, whereas a standard setup is a bolt on job. of course one shouldn't forget that using a standard setup in racing will most likely require dual shocks, and that again will result in some fab work, especially up front since none of the bolt on turrets are any good to my experience.

IMHO - if one is prepared to do the fab, coil overs are the way to go.



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