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Need to change cv-joints - what else to change while in there?

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Thanks Les,

The thing is, I live in Denmark and I normally order the parts in the UK. Thats means delivery delays of up to a week or more. - therefore it would be ideal for me to have ordered all the needed parts, including gaskets, seals etc. before I start the operation. Otherwise my beloved Defender could be stranded for weeks :-)

I am thinking of replacing the front stub axles, cv-joint and wheel bearings. Would this list be a good match to what I would need ?

2 CV joint kit ( http://www.paddockspares.com/pp/KITS/CV_Jo...N_LA930456.html )

2 Front Stub Axle from LA930456

2 Drive member FTC859

2 Gasket 571752

2 Lock Nut FRC8700

2 Washer Lock Outer FTC3179

2 Bearing STC4382

10 STUD / Bolt FRC5926

2 Bearing STC4382

2 Seal inner FTC2783

2 railko bushes

2 railko bush trust washer

2 swivel bearings

I am hoping for a little help. - I have microcat installed, but it is not easy to understand exectly which parts are needed..

Kind regards


Check the wheel bearings, swivel bearings/railko bushes for wear. Most things will become evident when you strip it down to replace the CV.


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Thanks everybody,

I have ordered cv-joint kits, stubaxles, swivel-kits, and wheelbearings!

This ought to do it :-)


if your axle is LA> then i suspect it will have bearings top and bottom, not the railko bushes...

I'd go for something like this:


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