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Earting Point

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Just a quick one. Can i earth to the bulkhead and expect a good earth there? Its actually the arch of metal that screws onto the bulkhead just in front of the transmission tunnel. I was just going to earth through one of the screws that secures the arch to the bulkhead. Its for the power supply to the overdrive. I only ask, as i notice, there are very few things earthed in that area and wondered it there was a reason as to why not.


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Cheers chaps. I put a bolt through the floor in front of the seatbox and through a chassis support before i read these replies and attached the earth to that. I may moce it as i'm not entirley hapy with the connection, but it is working at the moment. Good thing is all of the wires are tidied away now and enter the cab through the bulkhead meaning the rubber gaitor can sit properly around the transmission tunnel hopefully reducing noise a little more!

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