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Towing Electrics Kit & ball

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Hi guys,

I have a question that will probably make most of you roll on the floor out of laughter :hysterical: but here it goes:

I'd like to equip my 110 ('07) with a towing ball and the necessary electric equipment in order to attach a trailer. Now, I have no idea how to do such thing as electricity work spooks me even more than mechanics!

I guess there are some kits for sale (I found on paddock only for freelander...) as well as instructions but I guess several types exist.

Any one as any idea how to do that and how much it costs?


NB: I bought a Land precisely not to have to open the hood and fix stuff under it. So far, my theory and the car work wonder...

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For electrics, I've just bought (and fitted) a socket, bracket and length of cable from Halfords for €25. Bolted the socket to the crossmember, ran the cable through the crossmember, over the fuel tank and up into the recess behind the offside lights, fitted bullet connecters and plugged straight into the loom. The only thing you are missing there is the nearside indicator, so I ran another cable across the truck to supply that.

Did it that way to avoid cutting the loom where it exits the chassis, plus that is a messy place to work above your head and I didn't feel like washing crud out of my hair for the next 3 days :D

(Think I wired it correctly, not so sure about the Sankey it is now plugged into - the side lights seem to keep a supply to the stop solenoid when you turn the ignition off :D Think I've a bit of investigation tomorrow)

For a tow bar, just buy your favourite and bolt it on.

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I have a 08 110 the towbar takes 15 mins to fit its really easy, and the electrics if bought from landrover will plug in behind the offside rear lightlights. it really is soooo easy. (I have now removed the towbar and have fitted a tank guard so its forsale pm me if your interested)

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