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Noisy running 2.25 5mb petrol


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Have had my series II 68 Lwt for about 10 years now, it has never been a quiet runner but has never seemed to be detrimental to performance, and all main checks have never revealed anything concerning over the years. Last year we fitted a turner cylinder head and about 3 months ago, after some fun at Tixover and some water ingress, did a rebuild including new crankshaft, big end bearings, piston rings, ACR camshaft, and new HD tappet assembly. It runs like a dream and has bags of power and torque, useful with the RR difs. Timing and clearances are tight but when compared to our 2.25 petrol 3mb running in our series III 24V Lwt, recently running again and seeking new home, they don't even compare. The 24V purrs beautifully while the SII just rattles away. Just not sure where the noise could be coming from. Next step is to replace the rocker assembly, but at costs escalating I don't want to do this without being sure this could be the issue. What should I be looking for in this assembly? What are the biggest tales of ware here? And where else could be the culprit?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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When you replaced the cylinder head 3 months did you change any other parts at the same time?

Mr Bean

Yes, we fitted new crankshaft, new big end bearings, new piston rings, an ACR camshaft, and a new HD tappet assembly, but left the Turner cylinder head on that we had added the year before.

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Had a very noisey oil pump once, sounded like a constant grating noise....

It's not a grating noise as such, but good idea, the oil pump is something to think about. It might be worth finding a seconds and fitting. Have ordered the new rocker assembly and will fit that this weekend and see whether it make a difference. I'll try and get a sound clip up over the weekend. I just hope it's not piston slap. When we did the re-build there was a lip at the top of each of the cylinders but my father, who has a few more years of Landrover experience than me, didn't seemed too concerned by this. What sort of extent of lip is acceptable before a re-bore should be considered?


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