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Hi you guys out there can you help :rolleyes: i have noticed a small leak at the back of where the head gasket is it's a constant drip every 10 seconds it's clear but leaves a stain like oil ? :o any ideas it's at the back of the engine and can only been seen from underneath { td5 03 auto } any help would be appreciated thanks

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My thanks lads without you lot i think i would have been bankrupt by now, what about not been able to get neutral on first starting then after the engine becomes warm "N" comes on and everything seems ok, also while i have your attention the car keeps reverting back into 3rd gear after the "S" and "M" flash, now i know it points to a gearbox fault but having back into land rover they found nothing wrong with the gearbox

any ideas lads???

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If the S&M lights are flashing it means the gearbox defaulted to "limp home mode" - so there should be a fault code stored which is associated with whatever triggered that, it can be something like a loss of signal from one of the sensors but it should have registered something if the ECU thought it was serious enough to go into sulk mode. You'd need to know what that code was to really have much idea what to look at next.

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