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Can I mix Optimas ?? Bit stuck here


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One of my pair of 5.5 Optima's has gone faulty, it loses its charge and gets red hot when trying to recharge from a battey charger, albeit its a normal 10 amp charger.

Background is there is a pair of these yellow tops parralled up to provide a source for my 2 Warn 8274's, they are unique to the winches, the vehicle has a seperate red top Optima fed from a 100 amp alternator, the yellow tops are fed via a seperate 100 amp alternator.

Question is can I mix a pair of yellow tops, i.e. 1 being smaller and not a 5.5 ?, will they perform as well (I know there will be a slightly less overall potential) but will they charge evenly ??, what about adding an Oddesy instead of a Optima will that have an effect with internal resistances etc ??

There you are is there a genious who can answer the question please.

Cheers guys


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Told you Saley, I'm not speaking to you untill after the weekend, its that sports phsychology thing, your trying to pysche me out, bit like Raffa and Fergie.

If you get stuck with the big words, I will explain them to you NEXT week. :hysterical::hysterical:

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You can run them together, whilst the alternator is charging no problem.

But when the engine is off, and they're just sat there connected together, they might start to affect each other. Thus you'll need to stick something in to isolate them (isolator, relay etc).

Batteries of different age / type / condition shouldn't be left connected together.



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