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  1. Waiting for new diffs from the US,Rakeway to make me all new wishbones, and then I will have to put it back together Probably have to take the old girl out instead but she needs new alternator fuel pump and some other bits and bats Its not looking good I may just be in charge of entertainment
  2. round 2 has been CANCELLED due to the river rising,flooding on the camp site the farmer has brought his live stock in it is that bad,with more bad weather to follow sorry for short notice i will give more info out later
  3. Hi Baggy Just follow the challenge link on the AWDC web site for online entry see you soon Boyo
  4. Alan You will lose 5 points for each locker, tyres will be measured (not what it says on the sidewall) with my 36" guage side to side, and all the rest of the tech regs can be found on the AWDC link or in the bluebook which you will have to comply with to do any MSA event. your car has entered AWDC , MSA events before so should be OK anyway.
  5. The law will only let them go with a few hour Community service IF they catch them, If they had been my sheep and I found out who they were they wouldn't be able to do it again Its about time we brought back capital/corporal punishment for these sort of crimes an eye for an eye. ie 15 sheep = 1 human, hang the b*****d, what use is this person to society :angry2:
  6. Baggy text me your address and I will put one in the post
  7. Barrie Gee came round yesterday to drop his entry money of, so number 1 he is and will get 60 points per punch in his car, so will have to do 30 punches for every 18 punches a standard car gets (or 60 for 36) the entry forms should be up over the weekend fingers crossed.
  8. http://awdc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=194&Itemid=106
  9. Once again you need to read the relevant regs, you are quoting the bluebook not the KOV technical regs for this event
  10. Didn't offend me, and I was referring to your comment (mud flaps I think Bob) 9.2 f. Must be equipped on all wheels with mudguards which present no sharp edges and cover the full width of the tyre around an arc of 120 degrees. This must be achieved with a continuous surface of rigid material uninterrupted by any gaps, holes, slots or vents. It must extend forward ahead of the axle line and extend downward behind the wheel to the centre line of the rear axle.
  11. Mr Whippy You seem to do to much thinking and not enought reading,read the regs and you will see you just need mudguards 120 degree cover which Bob will already have if hes competed under the AWDC before Put your name up then the MSA can pickup on you and not just your **** stirring remarks.
  12. Got to give the big BOY something to do
  13. Can anyone comfirm wether or not there is going to be any challenge events next year? If not I will not bother renewing my BADLRC membership.
  14. I think it was 3 years ago at Rushton Spencer in the freezing fog.
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