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abs senors


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ive just done my nsf wheel bearing and wrote off the abs sensor in doing it

(a dear lesson lernt) £90 later i fited the new sensor and set it with a 0.050mm feeler gauge

it was tight on the feeler not a nice slide feel but the three lights on my dash still havnt gone out

1/ do they need resetting

2/ could my abs be working but they need resetting

3/ could the sensor be dudd

someone please help me its starting to worry me i use the freeby off road in the winter a bit and

the hill desent is great for getting out of stickydeepish mud

cheers wabbit

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When I fixed the ABS on my discovery it still needed test book to turn the lights out.



thanks mate its looking that way

when i turn ignition on the hill desent light is green then goes out as it sould

tc and abs are still on

the hill decent works as it should

but when i go over 10mph the hill decent light goes amber and stays on

also when i go down the road and jam the brakes on the abs is working


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I know that Dealers have a reputation for charging through the nose, but they do have the appropriate test equipment to plug in the car and complete a diagnosis. And you can ask that be all they do. There may be a number of possible faults, each of each will need checking or eliminating, rechecking with test equipment, and if all is ok, the warning lamp will be de-activated as a part of the final check process.

But because there are a number of possible causes you need the system checked. If any action through driving happens to make the warning light go out that only means the light has gone out, not that the fault has been rectified. And being part of a safety system I recommend you make use of a Dealer asap.

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