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Hi-Lift carrier for spare tyre

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Hello All

anyone got any ideas where I can get one of these from


I have been watching ebay for the last month but non have come up and I don't really want to have to Pay that price for one!!!

I want to modify it so I can use it to hang waffle boards on as I have seen it on griffs landy and it looks a good idea and also provides a bit of protection to the back window

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I have to say that you'd be mad to spend that sort of money on something so easy to fabricate!

Granted the Equipe part is nicely made with laser cut curves, but I could make that for about £1 of material!

If I were you I'd find a mate with a welder and a grinder.

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As always thanks for the replies

for info for you all there are a few choices on the market that will do the job


Paddocks do one but in the photo it doesn't look a good quality...........

I have also spoken to GPC and they seem to do one that is designed for waffles not a high lift so I guess the plate is flat not curved


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