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Rear window woes

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Just a hurrumph really. Closed (well you have to close it quite forcably) the rear door and the glass shattered.

I had reseated it all about 18 months ago and no problems at all. Now spent half an hour removing the glass, sweeping the road, removing the alu holding in bits and then trying to wrap the hole up (not very successfully) with a tarp. Have emptied the back and parked it with back door up tight to the garage door.

Situation probably exacerbated by crappy door locks fitted earlier (see other thread) necessitating several door closures before it gets locked.

Guess I am now looking for glass as well as new door locks!

Oh woe is me :(

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Thanks Nic

Does anyone know part numbers? I found MTC3469 but local LR dealer says this is 5mm glass and I should have 4mm. So then found MWC4719 which says 4mm military. The glass I had was clear (no tint) and not heated - since can hardly ever see anything out of it anyway :)

LR dealer suggested a Bearmach part that is 4mm at £30 plus VAT which I could live with but looking with a bit of envy at the 5mm ones which seem to be about £20 all in.

The original LR piece is over £130 so looking for an alternative but would prefer to get the right bit!

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