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Replacment bulkheads

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Sorry if this has been covered before. I did do a search but turned up nothing useful.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a bulkhead supplier, preferably galvanised, may as well do the job properly.

Or is it just a case of resorting to the bay-of-E

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Had a look at there bulkheads at the Eastnor Show.

Looked pretty good, they are repaired bulkheads which have then been galvanised but the quality of the repairs was good and only visable in areas you wouldn't normally see once installed. Talking to them they can do high quality work with no visable repairs for a show vehicle at extra cost.

I expect they could galvanise (or arrange for galvanising) of a brand new bulkhead if you wanted.

Seemed very nice a helpfully when I was talking to them about a series 1 bulkhead.

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