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200tdi HP22 auto problem


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calling those in the know with HP22 auto box's

was out playing today & the fault we had at manby has come back,

when selecting gear everything is 1 position out IE where reverse was park is, where neutral was reverse is etc

when selecting drive the box hunts up & down like its always on the change point,

so anyone have any ideas on where to start?

when i swapped the box into my 90 from my doner disco i left the selector & its cable attatched to the autobox so when i fitted it i only had to reatatch the stop the the gearbox mount,


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The first one sounds like the selector has just slipped somehow.

The second one could be something to do with the kickdown cable maybe jammed or miles out of adjustment.

If it isn't either of those things I don't know but I'd suspect deeply expensive grumbles within.

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