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  1. Td5 conversion

    For what it's worth, last time I had a td5 pump assembly apart, I recall the hp pump being visually similar to an 044 pump
  2. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    Rear facing shot is a gopro sticky mount on the atlas pointing backwards, front views are a normal gopro mount held on with a jubilee clip, we did almost cartwheel it whilst testing but unfortunately the lense had some mud on it so it never made the final edit
  3. turbo boost actuator

    Flat to the mat #sendit
  4. turbo boost actuator

    i have seen these http://www.turbosmartdirect.com/Product-Categories/Universal-Fit-Internal-Wastegate-Actuators/IWG75-Universal-150mm-rod-14-PSI-Black.html fitted to some td5 turbos, or even a forge actuator as a direct replacement for a td5 actuator https://www.forgemotorsport.co.uk/Adjustable_Actuator_for_Defender_or_Discovery_TD5--product--1033.html id be confident that you could make one of those to fit
  5. turbo boost actuator

    i think the boost gauge on my old 200tdi would suggest otherwise,
  6. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    It's a 4l80 I use as a 4hp would likely wave a white flag with the power I'm putting through it, The valve pack has been changed but I believe that you can cheat the 4hp by manually shifting it Pretty much the idea, although I wouldn't recommend just driving at a ditch with it flat to the mat, I might have another video that shows us skipping over the rough terrain
  7. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    On mine, 1st is first, 2nd is 2nd, so if you put it in 3 & try to pull away, it will pull away in 3rd gear,
  8. Viscous fan coupling query

    if you use a 300tdi mounted in the correct place the 300tdi discovery / defender cowlings are the same IIRC
  9. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    Id consider shifting the autobox manually & seeing if it helps as i found on my old auto truck with a hp22 that if i left it in D it was grim to drive quickly, My current truck is an auto with a manual valve body & its much nicer to drive than a manual although i still have to change manually, In regards to the bumpier terrain, if you have the balls to stay on the power it does get smoother, although if you lift or brake it can put put you in a whole world of pain, this is a video we did when we were testing last year, it took some working out in my head to keep it lit whilst heading for the rough stuff but its definetly smoother than slowing down
  10. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    @steve200TDi are you racing in D or are you shifting gears?
  11. Banjo bolt drilling out

    yes, of the top of my head the orifice in the banjo bolt is 4mm standard, opening it out to say 4.5 makes quite a difference
  12. Banjo bolt drilling out

    on my 200tdi i drilled the banjo bolt out to make the steering lighter, if you replace the banjo bolt it should return it to stock
  13. TRX4 RC Anyone got one

    ive got an axial bomber, its the most expensive, cheap hobby ever
  14. Engine Woes 200tdi

    that's not bad price, you can stick with your carbs & ill stick with my EFI
  15. Engine Woes 200tdi

    M57 ........