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  1. RedLineMike

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    I have a 5kw chinesbacher installed in my van, so far no complaints
  2. RedLineMike

    Anyone used a KV6 in a Landy?

    I've seen a build thread on a forum many moons ago of a 88" leaf sprung comp safari build with the kv6 on throttle bodies in it , Was an in-depth build thread, Found it https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/alrc-project.160626
  3. Some more boost wouldn't go a miss
  4. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    if your on facebook, if you look in the merc rovers page the chap ive seen do a conversion locally has it posted on there, his name is Kev sharp
  5. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    the electronics are relatively basic in comparison to more modern vehicles, even the m57 is slightly more complex but is easily played with, best suggestion is to invest in either a nanocom or hawkeye if you are sticking with the td5 or converting to a v8 using the full wiring loom,
  6. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    Or even easier, Fit another td5 engine, £500 & a weekends work
  7. RedLineMike

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    its also worth noting that you can use a thermostat from a k series freelander that's available in 3 flavours which allows you to alter the warm up characteristics, I currently have a black thermostat fitted which is fully opened at 82c rather than the standard 88c
  8. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    id have to ask but im sure the TCS was fully operational with the basics of modification, as such on a D2 the TCS/ BCM are separate modules as such, as such there isn't a great deal of R&D involved in fitting the M57, Looms & adapter plates are readily available, you can purchase a complete car for less than a grand, with a little bit of work you can fit a m57 & have it running for about 2k including buying a car
  9. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    don't really need to integrate much to the ECU, I know of a D2 with a 606 conversion that's integrated & there's several M57 conversions out there, id suspect firing in a m57 to be easier than converting to a v8
  10. RedLineMike

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    its also worth noting that the td5 temp gauge is controlled by the ecu, not the sender, if you have a bad earth at the ecu this can effect the gauges accuracy in regards to the temperature,
  11. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    petrol is cheaper, but it doesn't really make up for the difference in fuel consumption, even LPG isn't as good as it used to be
  12. im aware that those "cheese Grater" chassis have a reputation for cracking, given the work involved to build them im on the fence if they are worth it
  13. RedLineMike

    Is this practical

    its a lot of work to do this on a d2 id suggest fitting another td5, I had the head gasket go on my defender td5 & it was quicker / cheaper to fit another engine
  14. that's not the D90XX chassis, that's Ryan Jenkins cheese grater, different car
  15. when gigglepin built there D90XX along with Stefans 100", they had lowered spring seats to give them a subtle lift without requiring tall springs, worked well at the time & I know that D90XX is still competing now in ultra4 with the same suspension setup

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