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  1. RedLineMike

    Can I use ...

    been using a td5 fuel filter on the supply side of my LS between the pump & the fuel rail
  2. RedLineMike

    Mig welder recomenditions (little different this time)

    esab Rebel would be my suggestion, latest model is mig/tig (ac/dc) / stick
  3. RedLineMike

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    id suggest using a larger single reservoir, rather than 2 reservoirs, I know allisport did a simple large reservoir which I have used in the past, https://www.allisport.com/shop/motorsport-products/allisport-high-capacity-aluminium-power-steering-reservoir-interior-baffles/ watching your video im surprised by the about of kickback through the wheel you are fighting with
  4. RedLineMike

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    in regards to your steering fluid situation, id also suggest changing to a better fluid, I use the Redline synthetic steering fluid for my hydro steer, I have a temp sensor mounted into the reservoir to monitor/ log the temps & it seems to spend most of its time around 50c
  5. RedLineMike

    TD5 ECU

    Depends really if you intend on taking onboard the suggestions or just continue to load the parts cannon
  6. id be inclined to say to check out the wiring loom that runs from the throttle pedal to the main loom as its a common fault for it to wear through / split
  7. id check if the hawkeye can code d3 keys, as it definetly cant code keys for a d2,
  8. RedLineMike

    Viscous Fan wobble

    ive changed the viscous fan bearing on a td5 before, not particularly difficult, just more of a faff, bearing was expensive if I remember correctly, to change the front cover would involve taking the head off
  9. RedLineMike

    2.5 NA versus 200TDI Exhaust Internal Diameter

    i would use 2.5" turbo back, its a decent size & aslong as you dont have any tight bends it will be ok, had a 2.5" system on my old tdi 90
  10. RedLineMike

    Another small accessories outfit

    the issue with removing them is that it speeds up wearing out the inner brake pads, ive actually gone as far as refitting them on my U4 car so the the pads will last a weekend
  11. RedLineMike

    Another small accessories outfit

    i think this answers the question " Like many other Defender Drivers, I fitted Dynamic steel rims when going to wider tyres. Unfortunately the centre does not fit snuggly on the axle hub with a 10mm gap. This results in totally relying on the wheel nuts to hold the rim. If the wheel nuts are not tightened, or should they come loose the unsupported wheel will shear the studs very quickly. This is the standard setup. Recently several people in NSW have fallen crook of Transport. As a result Nugget Stuff put the shoulder to the grind stone and are pleased to introduce a Defender/Dynamic rim specific Hub Centric Rings which over comes all of the problems. " looks like it may have come about from local traffic law issues
  12. RedLineMike

    TD5 ECU

    its not the injectors, this
  13. RedLineMike

    TD5 ECU

  14. RedLineMike

    TD5 ECU

    i would say its the loom rather than the injectors,
  15. RedLineMike

    Injector Seals

    when removing the injectors ive always removed the supply to the fuel regulator first to allow the fuel in the rail to drain down, for the effort involved to not set the injectors, its actually easier to reset the injectors, IIRC its screw the adjuster all the way in at full movement of the rocker & then rewind 1 turn,

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