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  1. Engine Woes 200tdi

    that's not bad price, you can stick with your carbs & ill stick with my EFI
  2. Engine Woes 200tdi

    M57 ........
  3. 300tdi Kenlow - shroud or not?

    fan will be drawing through the path of least resistance, besides that kenlows are junk
  4. New utility 4x4?

    that's already available, its an Ibex
  5. us regular is 89 octane IIRC, premium is about 95
  6. I wouldn't worry about the engagement, the gears are normally weaker than the drum engagement
  7. Bellhousing differences

    nothing wrong with it, the gasket you can see is what is sealing the centre section of the backplate to the engine
  8. What happened to the Devon 4x4 forum?

    Dave Ellard is the only admin i believe, ended up messaging him direct to be added
  9. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    I used Discovery Headlight washers with the Disco Headlight washer pump, Uses lots of water
  10. im surprised you remove the spare wheel for RTV trials, seems like a load of Faf for not any gain
  11. Price of steel wheels

    when i checked as i fancied a new set, they are around £75 each now
  12. lexus v8

    y61 patrol axle is ideal, plus given abdur's location, they will be a LSD axle which is more robust than the vacumn locker we got in the uk which breaks
  13. lexus v8

    syncro gearboxes also do an adapter plate now to mate the lexus v8 to an R380 gearbox
  14. Ultra4 King of Britain 13-15 Oct 2017 Kirton

    looking forward to some more Geegees for next season, not like 3mpg is bad enough
  15. 80" Range Rover on portals.