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  1. oil pressure for the engine & oil temp for the gearbox especially if its an auto, its what i have in the race car
  2. starter itself is always worth a change before changing the Crank sensor
  3. for what its worth, ive just been through a similar issue with my Ls v8, spent nearly 2 months trying to get to the bottom of why it was over fueling & fowling plugs & it turned out i had the odd bank coil pack firing in the wrong sequence, it had been like that for some time including being raced like that, when it was started it was running quite rich but when reved would seem to clear & sounded like it was on all 8, i would definetly be 100% sure you havent a missfire before diving into the actual fuel tables trying to resolve the over fueling
  4. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202103079837703?model=DEFENDER 130&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=eh478ba&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&sort=distance&make=LAND ROVER&page=1 another questionable autotrader advert, 30k spent but paintwork done with a 1/2 empty rattle can
  5. 7/8k id say is about the right kinda price point for that, 12k is being a bit hopeful, theres enough people doing m57 swaps that i wouldnt let that put me off, ok the p38 bellhousing adaption is far from perfect but it is cheaper than using an adapter plate, however the main issue with the p38 bellhousing adaption is that you need to use an uprated clutch otherwise it slips, not sure how the slave cylinder can be that custom
  6. the blue piece is the adapter to mount the bearing between the drum & the end plate, if you knock it down it should come out the end plate, in this configuration there is no plastic bush like on a normal 8274
  7. nightforce are an american company that make scopes, lightforce are an australian company that make lights, they dont make headlight upgrades unfortunatley & have been off the top of the lighting game for a while now,
  8. for a start they wont sag due to being made from chinesium as they are basically a gas pressurised ram, if the presure leaks out then they will sag, the shafts can corrode, the bearings can wear, all stuff that requires maintenance much like any other item of this construction, with the suggested use, i wouldnt fit air shocks, you would be better off with a set of good quality springs & shocks in my opinion
  9. 16" air shocks are a big wieldy things that are difficult to mount & package on a landrover chassis vehicle, quite simply, there too big, however a 12" or 14" at a push long airshock in a 2.5" diameter are a better option for a landrover based vehicle, in regards to your vehicle im trying to work out what your trying to achieve by fitting them, yes they are tunable for the weight they are carrying, however they need tuning in general for any vehicle, they are not a fit & gas up & of you go system, i have quite a bit of experience with 2" & 2.5" diameter air
  10. all steel fabrication = sounds bloody heavy, main question would be whats it hiding underneath? in regards to the seats, id rather those than plastic or aluminium seats simple because id rather not have a broken back, alloy or plastic seats suck unless your planning on imitating a boat
  11. if you break down the component cost its not that bad a deal, depending on what gearbox combination your planning to use, the adapter on its own is 800+v, yes you can use the cobbled together P38 bellhousing option, yes its cheaper, but only if you can get the bellhousing & parts, you still have to assemble the box which then becomes a combination of parts, plus the clutch is a bit small so it slips
  12. id strongly suggest changing the starter motor, they can cause EMF interferance which gives a noisy crank sensor signal, it can also cause an extended cranking period
  13. first picture has aircon, second picture is there competition bumper
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