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  1. Manifolds are a pair of shorty block huggers with some creative bends, Sump is pretty straightforward as the axle is in front of the crank pulley with the upper links going either side of the engine
  2. yes, as mentioned previously my current buggy has it front & rear & my previous build had it on the rear
  3. cant say i ever have, i believe they are tax free as they are an export
  4. ? if it helps ive ordered from ruffstuff several times in the past with rapid shipping (3 days from order to deliver) https://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com
  5. lets not allow engineering principles get in the way of shiny ****, #chromewontgetyouhome #saynotostainless
  6. import costs arent too bad, last lot of suspension stuff i imported was around 4% duty & 20% vat
  7. i would confidently assume he was wearing high vis, the car was smokey & had a popcorn limiter
  8. i believe allisport supply britpart with branded product which is then sold & distributed by britpart on there accesories range
  9. id expect @Dave Wto be able to chime in a bit as he shipped his car to Oz for the OBC
  10. "Professional Off-Road" abbreviation: tyres for commercial traffic use. POR tyres are specially designed for bad rolling conditions or for deteriorated roads conditions. Information: POR tyres do not have EU labels as they do not meet the tyre EU labeling directives.
  11. as with everything, if you drive with your eyes shut you can bend anything, ive personally bent d1 /d2 radius arms both front & rear, on my current build ive bent the solid t6 aluminum links to a nice bowed shape, there are several people in the challenge comunity who use the RAC one link, so i would say it would withstand some gentle cane dodging, its also worth mentioning in regards to using jonny joints or heims in the ends of the front radius arms will restrict the articulation that can be achieved throught the nature of hot the front suspension twists, ive bee
  12. https://www.polevolt.co.uk/acatalog/Deutsch_Connectors.html
  13. https://www.racpartsltd.co.uk/product-page/front-1-link although its worth keeping in mind the large amount of forces being put into that cross member if you were to 3 link it, theres not really any kits available off the shelf as such these days, they do come up 2nd hand occasionally,
  14. In reality, a Gwyn Lewis setup is the best compromise for trialing on an 80" wheelbase, More flex will allow the rear axle to steer more under the vehicle & will probably contribute to you falling over, What length of shock were you intending to use?
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