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  1. RedLineMike

    Cheap TD5 Defenders - a good deal - or not?

    td5 rev limiter is 4850 rpm, #SendIt
  2. RedLineMike

    Forby "boost ring" anyone?

    it actually goes on the side of the pump IIRC rather than under the diaphragm cap
  3. RedLineMike

    TD5 110

    20 psi is about right for a stage 2 tune, although the boost box is probably faulty as they are basically a voltage clamp & if you run them at the full voltage for long enough the gubbins internally fail, I know this as I have a drawer full of broken ones,
  4. RedLineMike

    TD5 110

    looks like a boost box
  5. RedLineMike

    TD5 ECU

    the maf wont stop it reving, when the maf fails the ecu uses the MAP sensor Vs TPS logic to decide on its fueling strategy, although on IIRC the 10p engine the maf is used as an input more than on the 15p engine,
  6. RedLineMike

    TD5 ECU

    if you fit a defender ecu onto a discovery the temperature guage works backwards being the main issue of the top of my head, otherwise they do "work" just not the best,
  7. could do with advising what engine you are looking to fit the kit to?
  8. RedLineMike

    Fualt Code

    Topside switch relates to the injector capacitors, id have to dig through my notes to give a verbatum answer, the ECU that you fitted, what was the part number? what was the old ecu part number? Ambient air temp id ignore for now, Driver demand faults relate to the throttle pedal, Did you check what the live data was displaying in regards to the throttle pedal voltages? I cant remember if the parts cannon had fitted a throttle pedal ?
  9. RedLineMike

    Fualt Code

    out of all those codes, the one that jumps out as being the biggest issue is the topside switch failed, this can lead to a dead / dying ecu from IIRC one of the components on the board dying, clear those codes & see what ones come back, what are you using to read the codes?
  10. RedLineMike

    By Passing TD5 Air flow meter

    technically it doesn't, it uses the throttle pedal vs Map sensor as a lookup
  11. RedLineMike

    New product from xcess4x4

    from compsafari'ing, the weight of the diff can also be a cause in bending the tubes from repeated heavy landings
  12. RedLineMike

    Does anyone know this Defender

    patrol y61 axles
  13. RedLineMike

    New product from xcess4x4

    yep, landrover axles are surprisingly easy to bend
  14. RedLineMike

    Does anyone know this Defender

    It's Jamie Muir's, Tornado spaceframe with td5 & coilovers I think, Tyres are 37" treps iirc
  15. RedLineMike

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    ive changed the pulley size on my pump to slow it down as it was cavitating at high RPM, checked the temps at the weekend whilst out testing & highest i seen was around 65'C

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