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  1. Ford used a "tank" to infill the gaps with there "boost bumper" http://fordauthority.com/2017/12/how-ford-cheated-the-rules-with-the-2003-ford-focus-rs-wrc/ https://www.highpowermedia.com/Archive/the-surge-tank
  2. seen the new video where they use 2 of them. gain almost 100hp on the dyno
  3. the td5 thermostat is actually sucked open by the waterpump when the engine speeds are above 2000rpm IIRC, on my own td5 i fitted a freelander themostat (grey one i think, opens at 82c) instead of the standard one which opens at 90/92c
  4. i cant remember changing any brackets when i was feeding my 200tdi injection pumps, had several pumps on there ranging from wolf 300tdi pumps, discovery 200tdi pumps & defender pumps
  5. the wheels that the OP has posted a picture off arent boost wheels, they look very much like the "deep Dish" wheels that were offered on discovery ones, the picture that @ianmayco68 has posted is a boost wheel, id suspect that what @oneandtwo has suggested is a plausable answer, although to me it looks like the wheel has been miss machined at manufacture
  6. yes, a 300tdi injection pump will also work
  7. @Red90 seems that LOF clutches have released there new twinplate clutch assembly last night
  8. found before on a challenge truck with the same wheels allround on d2 axles, that the front wheels would pass through between some trees that the rear wouldnt
  9. the one i bought is meant to be a 5kw,
  10. i have a chinese version of the eberspacer in my van conversion, been fitted for over a year, cant fault it for the price & its certainly kept us warm when we have been away, not the first time its been 28c inside the van
  11. the td5 discovery uses an ecu controlled wastegate modulator, the defender uses the conventional boost referance from the turbo outlet to the actuator to control bost, on my old td5 i used a 0-30psi boost gauge to keep an eye on what it was doing, for a road car i wouldnt necesarily worry about having one unless you want gauges
  12. the r380 with the m51 bellhousing & questionable clutch mechanism is "reasonable" at best & is an ideal option if a slipping clutch on a mild tune is your thing
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