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  1. id suspect @uninformed will need to have his mods signed off to be plated in Oz
  2. the td5 engine harness is on the red plug, so that whole loom can be removed, adapted & refitted should you wish,
  3. where abouts are you getting them from?
  4. but its cheap so it must be good 😂😂
  5. fuel pressure regulator controls the pressure, not the pump
  6. as a thought if you wanted to, you could use the td5 fuel filter for the v8, im currently using a td5 filter head assembly for a fuel filter on my LS although it has the plumbing simplified slightly from 4 connections to 2
  7. td5's run at 4 bar of fuel pressure, i would assume that a rover v8 would be similar, i know my LS runs at just under 4 bar, @FridgeFreezer will probably know more about the rover v8 fueling requirements
  8. externally the pump looks much like the intank bosch 044 stye pumps, as for how they would cope with petrol, i havent tried it but would suspect that it would probably work
  9. id suspect the belt is routed incorrectly, been here before
  10. d2 arms arent that strong having bent a fair few over the years
  11. have only done one msa event in the last few years & unlikely to do many more going forward im quite happy to continue to do events that are Nora/ MCF insured & governed, unfortunatley the msa are quite keen to keep there rose tinted glasses on & ignore anysort of sensible discussion relating to offroad motorsport, full hydro steer is one such subject
  12. Been thinking over the christmas period about the joys of owning a defender, i used to own a "90" back in the early 2000's which morphed from a daily drive into a challege truck which was all good fun, i was fortunate enough to inherit my late fathers 110DC Xs 5 years ago, its pretty low mileage for its age (100k on a 2004) & in our ownership between my dad & myself its never been used to clock up a high yearly average mileage, in fact its done 8 miles since its MOT in febuary, recently with the increase in defender thefts & being stripped to order i feel its almost becoming a chore to own a defender, i cant be the only person in here questioning if its worth the paranoia of whether your defender will be there when you get home or up for work suppose the question im posing is, does anyone else feel this way about defender ownership or is it just me?
  13. once the handles are bent to buggery they will be fun getting them back off
  14. it omly leaks fuel. but with the oily residue around your engine it ends up looking a oily mess, normaly they leak through the pressure regulator itself rather than the tin gasket, So, id change the cam plug & jetwash the **** off the engine & see where it leaks next
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