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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Half-Shaft/174529165796?epid=2028031397&hash=item28a2bfb9e4:g:PWIAAOSw-wZfunDc not sure if that helps?
  2. the senders are the same Source: im using a discovery engine in my defender
  3. the ecu is set up as a discovery, which is why the temperature gauge works backwards, if you contact https://stormtuning.com they will be able to assist in getting the ecu set up correctly for your vehicle,
  4. https://www.lrparts.net/wqt100030l-inertia-switch-for-defender-td5-discovery-2-and-freelander-1.html
  5. on my td5 i replaced the inertia switch with an emergency stop button mounted on the dash
  6. from your discription id suggest a td5 one, its 2 wires with a push to reset
  7. i have trucklite LED headlights on my 110, they work very well however the beam pattern takes a bit of getting used to as it has a dark spot directly in front of the vehicle, if i was buying another set i would look at the JW speaker heated LED headlights as the biggest flaw of LED headlights is driving in the snow, the lenses get covered over quite easily
  8. agree with this, we use wd40 at work (refinery) & its no good, found Rocol Penetrating spray is about the best ive used id be wary about doing this, ive heated up a brake fitting to release it & ended up blowing the flexi house out the ferrule
  9. if your needing shafts i can put you onto a company that can make shafts for a sensible price that are made properly
  10. if i remember correctly he also has a camel 110, or one of his relations has a camel 110 which i believe is a sister car to my mums camel 110
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