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  1. personally i wouldnt go down that route as the box then becomes a collection of items put together to work rather than using a complete assembly either the BMW 6 speed or the R380 with an adapter plate
  2. those are for a discovery 1 rather than a d2
  3. were 61 pages in , how am i cluttering up the tread with a light hearted joke rather than the constant pissing & moaning about the new defender that unsurprisingly doesnt meet the wishes of a very small amount of people who even themselves would be unlikely to buy one if they had built it as they dreamed
  4. is that the one that you changed the turbo on?
  5. i would say so as i have a discovery engine in my defender
  6. just a heads up before you dive down the rabbit hole of a TD5 rad, i believe they struggle to keep the m57 cool
  7. your welcome to try taking the cv joint off the shaft without damaging it, the main issue i remember is it uses a square section circlip rather than a round section circlip. the square section circlip is what stops you removing the cv joint once its assembled,
  8. i cant remeber the exact difference but i do remember that it took smashing the cv joint inner to get it off the shaft, which i then discovered that a td5 cv doesnt fit the tdci shaft
  9. your welcome to find it hard to believe, i thought the same until i ended up with a ****ed cv joint & a shaft that TD5 CVs dont fit,
  10. TDCI cv joints dont come off the shafts, so you can either replace with a TD5 shaft & CV or just buy a TDCI shaft & CV assembly
  11. friend did this recently, claimed off his insurance which resulted in the council paying out for the repairs to his roof
  12. Swivels, panhard rod & draglink are all there, that's the front
  13. i just hope the Ineos project gets the same scrutiny for not being a defender as the new defender recieved
  14. @deep a "jeep" @discomikey well it is a jeep, it also has LR parts fitted thankfully nothing important as it would have failed straight away
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