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  1. RedLineMike

    Steering “jumped” 90deg

    If it's moved a quarter of a turn I'd suspect it's twisted the sector shaft, I'd advise looking at the steering box very closely as if they sheer ( & they are known to after a impact) it drops the droparm out the steering box
  2. RedLineMike

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. RedLineMike

    What could possibly go wrong?

    my understanding of these is there are actually quite good
  4. RedLineMike

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    why would i want a 20" rim when a 17" rim does the job, however if you go up in size to say a 44" tyre or bigger, than a 20" rim does have its benefits in a similar fashion, i never said changing a low profile tyre was easier, you asked if i had done it so if you could stay consistent that would be grand
  5. RedLineMike

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Can't work out what cryptic nonsense your on about now, Definitely prefer a 37/1250/17 over a 37/1250/16 as the sidewall flex / movement is less In regards to changing tyres that aren't 85 profile , Yes, quite easily
  6. RedLineMike

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    35/12.50/18 big enough for you https://www.tyresdirectuk.co.uk/product/radar-renegade-r7-35-12-5r18/ or even a 37" tyre https://www.tyresdirectuk.co.uk/product/discoverer-stt-pro-3713-5r18-124k/
  7. RedLineMike

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    in the grand scheme for the mainstream consumer, is there much need for a tyre larger than 33/34" cant really say i see a need for it given that in reality there will be probably 1-2% of the overall sales which will want a bigger tyre than this, to be fair i agree with @discomikey in relation to choosing a larger wheel to give more sidewall stability over a 15/16" tyre which in the current climate have almost dried up on availability, now in the numbers game, the uk tyre supply / demand pales into insignificance to the USA market
  8. RedLineMike

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    id suspect long enough involved at this tech level to be able to form an opinion based on experience of the aformentioned platforms in harsh environments
  9. RedLineMike

    Gold box on an LQ4 v8

    in the process of swapping from the LS1 intake to a TBSS intake which gives better lowdown torque & more flow at higher RPM than the LS1 manifold, will be swapping from the EV1 connectors to I think EV6 plugs, might make some patch leads up till I decide what injectors to run with,
  10. RedLineMike

    Gold box on an LQ4 v8

    as a thought, rather than change injectors to match the plugs, why not change the plugs to match your existing injectors? did this with my LS when I fitted my car intake & injectors, changing manifold & injectors soon & i'm intending on just replacing the 8 injector plugs on the loom
  11. RedLineMike

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Don't bring material specs & knowledge into this rose tinted bun fight 😂😂😂
  12. cant see any mention in the IVA manual
  13. quoted from the IVA manual " Vehicles fitted with complex drive by wire or hydraulic steering systems cannot be assessed by inspection, therefore documentary evidence must be provided " other than that " If the vehicle is fitted with power assisted steering, the steering must still operate with the assistance disabled " "When the vehicle is driven at speeds above 10mph, there must be a degree of steering “self centring” evident" which my full hydro does
  14. RedLineMike

    TD5 engine swop

    engine will run without injector coding, otherwise is a relatively straight swap ,

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