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resonator box?

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After an earlier pretty wet inspection, i've found the rear box on the 110 is looking a bit orangey brown and has started going to church (holey? geddit? no?...) but the rest of the system looks and sounds fine, i'm guessing it's to do with the wonderful position behind the rear wheel...

i think the rear box is a resonator box or something, anyway, i'm thinking of just cutting it off and replacing it with normal pipe, so i have two questions:

1. will it sound like a tractor/boy racermobile if i whip it off?

2. whats the pipe diameter so i can source some piping?

the system is on a 300Tdi and it's the standard LR system, all original silencers in place...

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tube is 60mm diameter .

i run a 10" long JETEX 2 1/2" bore [with a couple of reducing sleeves to 60mm ] straight through silencer in middle in place of original centre silencer due to having overdrive box that the original silencer hits ,then a standard front downpipe and a later rear pipe which is from a TA vin onwards but is fitted to an earlier 300tdi 90 .

you can run just the centre silencer and it wont be much louder .

i am not sure of the later 110 exhaust but i know that the later 300tdi 90 used just a single centre mounted silencer ESR4526 and then the same front pipe as earlier models , but a different rear tailpipe that doesnt have a silencer in it , this rear pipe goes under the rear of chassis and mounts in same position at rear DOUGHNUT rubber .

the mid age range 94-95 rear silencer sits up under the back of chassis and criss crosses behind the rear cross member but the tailpipe goes through a bracket above the chassis to exit .

my centre straight thru silencer is about as much as id want to drop it to, the exhaust tone is not that loud and it doesnt rasp much .

i have tried straight through pipes without any silencer in line and it would get to a point that it could rattle windows when the exhaust note resonated the pipe , so to be honest you need at least one silencer in line .



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It's amazing how little noise you get from a broken exhaust. Mine fractured before the centre silencer and I didn't even notice until it was pressure wash time :rolleyes:

Mine passed MOT later with just a standard small [ESR2384] rear silencer, and straight through pipe from the manifold.

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I'm intent on leaving the rest of the system as it is, can't see the point in messing with it.

i just couldn't see the point in replacing a box that's in such a bad area for water, grime and rust! thought a straight pipe (possibly even a side exit one!) would be a lot better, cheaper and easier to maintain.

thanks a lot for the all the info ian

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I too have exactly the same problem coming up; amazing how they positioned that exhaust. Do the jetex ones have to be tig welded up? I was toying with the idea of directing the exhaust downwards like trucks do, so it doesn't have to pass behind the rear wheel.


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Don't know about jetex, but i was going to chop the box off and use some flexible exhaust hose and a 45 degree bent pipe and attach it higher up out of the way using clamps and 'professional adaptation' -possibly with a side exit.

looked into the legality of side exit exhausts and they're fine, as long as (with any part of a vehicle) there are no sharp pointy edges sticking out.

have a look at either Europa motorsport or Merlin motorsport, they both have the parts to do it at good prices, worked out for mine it would be about £40-50


i'm sure i saw a thread on here and someone had done the same on a 90...

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