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Clutch plate & Covers 130 heavy duty or not???

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Hi Chaps.

I'm hoping someone on here can help.

The clutch in my 200tdi needs changing, so looking around here for advice it seems that the preferred option for a Heavy duty option is to fit a 130 plate and cover.

I therefore ordered:

FTC1994 - clutch plate for 130

URB100760 - - clutch cover for 130.

Well its turned up today, the clutch cover is OK, thats what I ordered. The clutch however although the paperwork shows FTC1994 whats turned up has the following:

Valeo UQB500030G on the box.

FTC4204 printed onto the clutch.

The other confusing thing is I was led to believe that the 130 clutch has 8 springs. This has only 4.

Basically, have I got the right thing?

Many thanks.


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Measure it to be sure, but it does sound wrong.

normal one is 235mm, 130 is 242mm

I'm sure i read somewhere that the "normal" one had been superceded by the 130 disk, so ordering a TDi clutch from landrover will get you a 130 item by default

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in all the 4 cyl diesel landrover 90 and defenders they use same release bearing and clutch cover , LT77 or R380 GEARBOX , 90/110/130 inch bodies ...

only the clutch centre plate is different between the normal 90/110 and 130inch landrover .

i have just fitted last week a 130 valeo clutch centre plate and a britpart cover into my 300tdi 90 with an R380 box .

the britpart cover plate seems to give me a lighter pedal than previously , so i am inclined to say use a britpart cover plate and a 130 centre plate .

the britpart "extreme duty" clutch kit as sold at paddocks for £43 + vat has an 8 spring centre plate in it because i bought one last week , although i didnt use the centre pate because i bought also a 130 centre plate which is slightly larger diameter .

the 130 plate fills the cover plate whereas the smaller diameter 90/110 plate leaves about 5mm of the cover plate face showing all way round .

you should also change youre pivot arm , slipper pads and clip at same time, for heavy duty one preferrably [ welded plate on back of it ] .

make an aligment tool using a length of 1" dia alloy or steel bar , and turn it down in a lathe to suit etc .

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