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Incorrect size fuses - do I replace?

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Never had cause to check my fuses since buying the truck. Whilst fiddling with the blower motor I have found that my fuse box contains a variety of fuses few of which match the recommeded AMP size on the back of the fuse box cover.

Its a standard truck with a standard fuse box and dont beleive anyone will have fiddled about with wiring so was going to replace all the incorrectly sized fuses with those recommended on the back of the fuse box cover.

Is there any reason why so many would be incorrectly sized (apart from previous owner laziness) - ie: any reason why I shouldn't replace them all??

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i would put the correct fuses in place the only ones on my disco that aint standard are the side light fuses thay are 5amp more for the trailer board other than that thay are all standard it was probably the previous owner replacing with what ever was available,chris.

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Had the same when I bought mine - most of them were wrong as was the cover. I just put the correct sizes in and so far nothing has blown.

Almost certainly just laziness, a fuse blows so someone has just put anything they had to hand in instead.

If they do blow when you put the right one's in then it's doing it's job and there's something wrong with the circuit. Better to sort it than run the risk of damage/fire due to too much current being allowed by the larger fuse.


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I was the same, never checked the fuses the previous owner had fitted.

Flicked the sidelights on one evening, half the loom behind the clocks lit up. The wire from the switch right down the loom to the fusebox completely melted, knacking a dozen other wires in the loom in the process.

You've never seen a seatbox lid and battery leads come off so quick!

I checked the fuses, funnily enough the 40amp sidelight fuse never blew.

Took a full day rewiring the loom. For the sake of the correct fuse.

Also took the time to fit blade fuse holders and swap all the glass fuses onto blades, nice easy job.

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Thanks - will sort tomorrow.

You mention that your cover was also wrong - how was that? - I was going to rely on what the cover what telling me in terms of required sizes!

Not sure what the cover was from but the circuits it showed certainly weren't the ones underneath. Had to pull each fuse to see what it actually protected then used handbook to put correct fuse in.


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