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Clutch and gearbox


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Hi all,

I suspect I know the answer to this, looking for some confirmation I guess.

When I let the clutch out in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears there's a thud. It's not a UJ or diff (recent diff and UJ's all checked), and doesn't happen under acceleration (on/off/on with the throttle). Just when I let the clutch out.

I suspect it's the thrust bearing sticking?

Also, when cold 1st and 2nd have always been a bit sticky (hard to get into with a definate "notch") but I believe this is normal from others with the same box. But now it seems 1st seems to be hard to get into when warm as well. Again, perhaps the clutch?

Oh, TD5, 140k miles on the clock, so I know the clutch will be due for a change sometime soon (surprised it's been in this long).

I'm not working at the moment so really just want to plan/budget ahead as much as possible so when it's in bits I don't have any nasty surprises, or can get all teh jobs done at once to save labour.

Cheers, Martin

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Sounds like it's your clutch, may be just the release bearing and bits, but at that mileage and when removing box, you will end up changing clutch and all the other components.


Thanks Andy,

Cylinder head has cracked now, it never rains but it pours :(

Is it possible that diesel could have leaked through to the clutch plates? There was a LOT of diesel in the sump...

Either way, it's gonna be sat on the drive for a long time now :(

Cheers, Martin

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Hi Martin,

Bad luck mate. Hope you can get it all sorted soon. Really not what you needed at this time.................

I don't think it would be the diesel, as that would cause clutch to slip, and yours sounds more like it is dragging.

My clutch is currently dragging and slipping, great............


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Cheers Andy. Bringing it home from the garage today I was crunching gears and could hardly get most of them. The clutch pedal feels a bit soft now as well, and is squeeking a lot. I shall let them investigate it when it goes back in, after the head has been done.

As I say, not enough money for any of the fixes right now. When it goes in I shall get the clutch done at the same time, no way I can drop the gearbox at home. Actually dropping it wouldn't be a problem, lifting it back in would be :D

It'll be like a new truck when I get it back, well, apart from the dents, scratches, mud, and other signs of misuse a good life :ph34r:

Now, anyone got £2k's worth of odd jobs they need doing ;)

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