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Can Not Get Difflock

Highland gow

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You'll need to remove the housing that the difflock lever sits in, and bently ease the lever.... i ended up with mine in the vice hitting gently with aahammer till it moved... i stripp=ed it totally apart and greased everything.... mine had never been in difflock its whole life!

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Yep, likewise. Mine was seized through steel/alu corrosion. Take a quick look around the forum, there are loads of people who have come across this issue before, and loads of pointers to get you going.


Had this when we went to pick up a Disco for a mate, the lever wouldn't go over to the difflock position, only back and forth, so only high and low gears.

We took off the lever cover from the centre console and just worked it side to side and with a little gentle persuation it freed up after a little while.

Funnily enough i now have this on my 2004 Disco 2 which doesn't want to budge except to go fwd and back and altho i know it was deleted around about this time but because it has the hi-lo difflock sticker on the console i wondered if it is actually there as i would have thought LR wouldn't have put a sticker there if it wasn't ?

The handbooks not that informative either and i think its going to be a gaiter off and work it from side to side again !

Anyone have any ideas pls?



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