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Budget suspension for 1980 RRC ?


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Hi guys,

Does anyone on here have experience with budget suspensions ?

I was thinking of going for RRCDISKIT2P at paddocks.

Any opinions, other surgestions ? Keyword is budget :-)

If the shocks are truly 2 inches longer than standard, you may want to look at dropping your bump stops a little to stop them bottoming out. (no more than 1 inch needed)

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What do you want to achieve? A 2" lift? Good on road performance? Max off road articulation?

Personally, I wouldn't touch Paddocks or Britpart springs for any of the above. (or for anything else for that matter)

I have found Terrafirma springs to be very good - not too wallowy on road but excellent off it. OME are very good but certainly not budget springs.

If you don't need a lift then go with Genuine springs - cheap and excellent.

As said above, if you do lift her then extended stainless braided Goodridge or Llama hoses are a must.

Probably your best bet is to speak to Gwyn Lewis, or Adrian at TOR4x4, or Anton at OEC. They can advise and sell you anythnig to suit your application.

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I'm looking for best possible budget off-road capability. And I have a pair of 34” Simex laying about in the shed. So I was thinking of a set of cheap +2” springs and dampers and then a home made 1” bodylift. And of course braided brakehoses (or just relocated brackets – as all brakelines needs renewal anyway).

The cutting the arches the appropriate amount and then fitting flexi arches.

So on-road performance is not that important – but needs to be drivable.

But again – on budget – used to run a 300tdi 90” with brand stuff all round, Warn, OME, ARB, Maxidrive

- but this time around I’m on more limited funds :rolleyes:

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I bought that paddock kit few years ago and fitted to my RRC. It was not bad. Certainly much better than original sagged spring with almost not working shocks. But it was only starting point...

Now i am very satisfied with bearmach springs, +5 terrafirma shocks and gwynlewis mounts.

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