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steering drop arm replacment

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hello all have got alot of play in the steering again and the dam drop arm joint has given up again so need to do something with it and have heard of fitting a disco 1 arm so the joint is not part of the drop arm.

is this just a strait swap or does it need some fab work?

also i guess i would need the steering rod thats fixed to the disco drop arm???

any help would be muchly appreciated :)

many thanks

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You will have to fit a steering damper to either the disco style track rod or get a damper relocation kit, not a hard job and saves having the built in TRE.

Alternately you could fab a damper reloction from some angle steel and a couple of exhaust clamps.


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QT services do a disco to defender conversion for steering bars and includes if I remember rightly a bracket to go onto the front drag link for the steering damper-I have this conversion on the front of 90-ie: the solid disco 1 drop arm to replace the drop arm ball joint and it's made life a lot easier with regards to changing the track rod end instead of mucking about trying to remove the ball joint from the drop arm and getting really frustrated with doing that every 5 minutes or so



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ok next question and it is one i think i already know the answer to when ordering bits for steering boxes the 3 4 6 bolt thing does this refere to the that go through the chassis leg? as i have 5 mount bolts 4 through the chassis and one through a bar thats attached further up the chassis :unsure:

does this mean i have a 4 bolt steering box?

also as im gonna take the drop arm off and i have a slight leak from the seal on the shaft the drop arm is attached to thought i might replace the seal :) any of you done this and its cured the leak or is it new box time????? :(

many thanks

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it refers to the number of bolts on the top plate.

If it is leaking best to replace it as you'll be doing the job again before long.

Thanks i have a six bolt one then if you mean the ones on the top plate where the ajuster is.

think ill just do the drop arm for now as a bit skint at the mo....

thanks for the help

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